A clean and friendly scrap metal recycler just south of Northfield Ohio

Resource Metal Recycling is dedicated to supporting our community and protecting our environment, which is why we take such pride in our scrap metal recycling services to both residential and industrial customers.

We accept a variety of scrap metal material; Resource Metal Recycling takes the hassle out of recycling. What do you have laying around that can be recycled? Old automotive parts: radiators, catalytic converters, aluminum rims, brake rotors. Around the home: Old stoves, washers & dryers, hot water tanks, broken lawn mowers, old computers, pots and pans, Christmas lights... the list goes on.

Give us a call for current prices or bring your materials in today and check out our clean facility and friendly service! Check out our Recycling Services page for more scrap metal items we buy.

Approximately 10 minutes south of Northfield Ohio, Resource Metal Recycling is one of the cleanest recycling facilities around.

We pay CASH  for copper, brass, aluminum, steel and more!.

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