Resource Metal Recycling pays CASH for scrap copper!

scrap copper

Known for its use in construction and electronic materials, because of its ability to conduct electricity, copper has been recycled for thousands of years. More than just creating pennies, copper is used to fabricate thousands of items in the US. This nonferrous metal is highly sought after and one of the most used metals today.

Since copper recycling is in high demand, pricing for the scrap material is typically higher. The most common types of items to scrap include electrical cable, radiators, and plumbing. However, many items today contain copper; wiring, appliances, and many electronic devices. While copper is embedded in many of these items, the experts at Resource Metal Recycling will be able to help you get the most out of your recyclable materials.

As with all recycling, there are tremendous environmental benefits to Copper Recycling, including energy reduction of about 85%, landfill and solid waste diversion, and less emission of toxic gases from refining.

We pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest recycling locations around. Bring in your scrap copper for fast and friendly service.

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