Construction Scrap Metal Recycling

construction scrap metal

Resource Metal Recycling will provide you with fast, convenient recycling services for all your ferrous and nonferrous construction scrap metal. Whether you are a DIY homeowner or a home improvement business, excess scrap metal is common for most jobs. Turn that construction scrap metal into cash!

Bring us your old aluminum window frames, aluminum siding, gutters, wiring, scrap copper plumbing, metal flashing and trim, old appliances, air conditioning units, hot water tanks, and more. Recycling these items reduces the impact on our landfills and is a great way to recoup some money on your construction project.

For larger jobs, give us a call (330) 908-0400 for pickup and container services. We do our best to help you recycle the scrap metal from your construction project. If you are considering our container or pickup service for your business, check out our Industrial Metal Recycling page.

*** Items containing any fluids must be drained prior to recycling. ***

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