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Resource Metal Recycling is a full-service ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycler, located just off I-271 and Route 82 in Macedonia Ohio. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Northfield, Twinsburg, and Brecksville as well. We are open to the public and accept a variety of scrap metals, including precious metals, in any quantity (visit our Recycling Services page for more information).

We pride ourselves on being a clean and honest scrap recycler, with certified digital scales to ensure accuracy. We are a registered scrap metal recycler with the Ohio Department of Public Safety-Division of Homeland Security, and to help prevent theft, we work with all local law enforcement.

Community and environmental sustainability are important to us! We understand the importance of protecting our planet's natural resources and do our part to help reduce the need for mining raw metals and filling landfills with toxic materials. We also feel it is important to work with and support our community, so don't throw away that unwanted scrap metal in the trash, bring it to us and turn it into Cash!

As a recognized Macedonia business of the month, we are not your stereotypical “junkyard”, we want our customers to feel comfortable when they come in and happy when they leave.

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OPEN to the Public

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am - 12:30pm


  • Brass, Copper, Aluminum
  • Cast Iron & Steel
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum
A valid driver's license or State ID is required in order to sell scrap metal, this is a State Law.
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